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Great Work

“Lucky is the child who grows up with parents who basically accept and love themselves, and therefore can accept and love their child, who reminds them so often of their own selves.” — Magda Gerber

Magda Gerber was an early childhood educator who became an advocate of infants and families.  I often find the rationale for work I do in her philosophies.  I go back to her in my own parenting and I see nuances in the wisdom and care of the staff I work with daily and in the support of my friends, family & peer parents.  Those peer parents include some of the parents who come and sit with me at our workshops and events, who follow along on our social media.  This work of parenting is not easy and I admit that at each parent meeting we hold.  Ironically, I go out to support parenting but find my parenting supported just as much if not more.  I am grateful as in these days parenting seems impossible when faced with a hurting world where hurt people hurt people. 

I reflect on this quote.  What work can we do inwardly?  Remember those spiritual practices?  Remember that self-care?  Quiet moment to reflect – busyness can help us avoid this work – but as an educator and a catechist, I often saw the benefit of letting a student consider something on their own terms before diving into the next thing.  That is great work.  This is where connections form and questions rear.  We can seek the knowledge we need next in this safe space we provide.  Can we get better?  This work trickles to our children.  We speak with love to guide and teach our families.  That love of self radiates in action; it envelopes those we meet.  I am reminded of this quote by those around me this week.  Protests and prayer services held in my community this week asked us all for love.  Let those loving moments soothe fears and uncertainty, let it heal and let anything less get out of our way.  Keep it steady because healed people heal people.