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PDHP: This Is Prevention

Hello Parents & Community. Allow me to take a minute to introduce myself.

My name is Cary Anne Fitzgerald. I am the Parent & Community Outreach Coordinator for the Program for the Development of Human Potential (PDHP).

PDHP has been a part of the Diocese of Brooklyn for more than 40 years and is funded by the New York State Office of Addiction Support Services.

Who is PDHP? We are Prevention Education Specialists, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, School Counselors, Licensed & Clinical Social Workers, Family and Art Therapists. We bring in Evidence Based Programming, Pro-Social Activities, Group Work & Assessments for K-12 Schools in the Diocese. Our Family Therapy Unit meets the needs of families within the confines of any Parish. I provide information to support our mission and the adults in the community through parent workshops, parent groups, faculty workshops & family events.

People seem to feel a bit concerned once I mention alcohol & substance abuse. I understand, these are among the “difficult” topic’s parents approach me about often; let me tell you about Prevention. Prevention means that we work to establish healthy behaviors. Think about your regular medical check-ups – this is an example of acting preventatively, pro-actively. You are probably already acting in preventive ways without even knowing it. We want to avoid problem behaviors around drugs, alcohol, gambling, and support Mental Health and Social-Emotional development. We want to form bonded relationships within the family, communities, schools. We assist faculties and families in the formation of our students.

During this time, the way we do all of the above has changed. It has to; this is prevention and we are all undeniably a part of it now. Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out day to day support. We know that information is moving rapidly and is ever changing. Know we are here.

For now, if there is an immediate need where you may fear you or a loved one may be in harm’s way, please contact 911.

For a less severe need or for ongoing PDHP support, you may contact (718) 550-0025

You can also connect with us via Facebook:

Coronavirus Parent Resources

Activity Suggestions From Janet Heed, District Superintendent

Dear Parents,

These circumstances we face are new for all of us. We understand that these days can be more challenging than a typical snow day. As teachers continue instruction via distance learning, we also realize need for other activities.

Looking at the positive…this is a gift of time that we would not have if we were all adhering to our regular schedule.

We hope to provide you with activities and information to enhance this time.

Engineer with Marshmallow Shapes

Develop engineering skills while constructing basic shapes out of toothpicks and marshmallows. Using marshmallows as the connectors to hold the toothpicks together, kids can create different shapes. Challenge children to create new shapes or build a car, castle or spaceship. The possibilities are limitless!

Museum Visits

Adults and children can tour museums together through Google Arts & Culture at This site enables virtual tours of The British Museum in London, The Guggenheim Museum in New York, as well as other famous museums in Seoul, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Florence, Los Angeles, Sao Palo, and Mexico City.

We’re here to support you and your children.

Janet Heed
District Superintendent